i love waking up to these adorable paws

i love waking up to these adorable paws

inaccurate placeholder chain and glove, and i still need to work on the fit and length of the shirt a little more, but!! i wish the collar/lapel shape was more accurate but i kind of zoned out and cut  it exactly according to the pattern when i shouldn’t have, whoops. i’m sure there will be some dumb design i’ll have to paint on the back of it or something when i eventually find complete references.

i didn’t even give a shit about this game until fucking komaeda happened to it

[edit] there now with legit chain and really bad window lighting

me too, fish

me too, fish



Hi there! I love your yowapeda cosplays (your shinkai one is absolutely fabulous) and I was wondering how you added the red strands on your Maki wig. Is it hair chalk or a spray or?

thanks! i bought red wefts from arda wigs, cut them into thin strands, and stitched them into the wig, then used heat from a blow dryer to get them to kind of take the same shape as the rest of the hair.

OH GOD ANOTHER GORGEOUS MAKI I DIE i didn't see you around but i was kansai outfit naruko at otakon sobs

aah thank you /// and I THINK I SAW YOU IN THE ARTISTS ALLEY AT ONE POINT ON SUNDAY WHEN I WAS IN TESHIMA?? i think it was sunday… i know i pointed a kansai naruko out to my friend because i’d been lamenting the naruko shortage all weekend

aaaaand otakon makishima selfies, featuring the part where i was checking my makeup in my toudou mirror

Your Teshima cosplay is so on point. Where did you get your amazing wig?

thank you! it’s from epic cosplay, all i really had to do was cut and curl the bangs and brush it out a little.

taking dumb t2 pictures in 7-11 and various other places at otakon

aoyagi / teshima

Yo where'd you get the ko underwear

i have three different pairs and i’m not sure which one you’re asking about, but they’re all just from ebay… one pair is victoria’s secret, one is old navy, and the boxer briefs i actually wear under his pants (yeah don’t judge me) are some random thing from a chinese seller.

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